Tory Burch x Buro 24/7 x Miroslava Duma

What? Tory Burch partnered up with Buro 24/7 and Miroslava Duma for a series of creative and strategic projects. Agency 22 and founder Holly Williams-Lloyd acted as creative consultant for the Tory Burch x Buro 24/7 x Miroslava Duma projects.

  • Art Buyer + Creative Consultant – Agency 22 brokered the deal with the talent to feature in the project. Communicating the brand’s goals and requirements directly with the talent and managing every aspect of the collaboration between the two parties. Advising on videography and direction for the interview shot in NYC. Proposing the interview topics and questions and liaising with both parties for all aspects on the interview.
  • Public Relations + Brand Awareness Support – Secured coverage with the entire global Buro 24/7 database. Creating buzz for the project, and media coverage regionally and internationally. Ensuring ample support via @MiraDuma’s Instagram page, which features a community of over 1.5 million. Plus her appearance at the Tory Burch fashion week(s) shows wearing the brand’s latest collection (celebrity dressing).
  • Advertising – Brokered a digital advertising deal between Tory Burch and Buro 24/7 platforms in Russia and Middle East.

Mira Duma Tory Burch 1Mira Duma Tory Burch 2Mira Duma Tory Burch 3Mira Duma Tory Burch 4Mira Duma Tory Burch 5Mira Duma Tory Burch 6

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The Tory Burch takeover on