The Hundred Wellness Centre creative consultancy

What? The Hundred Wellness Center founded by Emirati entrepreneur and award-winner Asma Hilal-Lootah.

Agency 22 and founder Holly Williams hired to act as creative consultant to The Hundred Wellness Centre for a 9-month period to help with the rebranding of the business and implement event/PR initiatives.

  • Creative Consultant – Guiding the business and its founder on best practice for social media, events, creating buzz and driving footfall.
  • Social Media Strategy + Management – In March 2016, Agency 22 implemented a social media strategy for The Hundred Wellness Centre (THWC), which it managed until November 2016.  During this period the client’s social platforms grew in both following and engagement by 30%.
  • Public Relations + Marketing – Agency 22 worked on a series of new and exciting event, PR and marketing strategies for THWC Autumn/Winter 16.
  • Re-Branding – Agency 22 guided THWC’s new logo and branding – including the communication of this with the clients, general public and media. This included a complete website makeover, on and offline signage. New leaflets, a brochure, new emailer templates, business cards and everything in between.
  • Website Strategy + Management – Agency 22 worked on revamping THWC’s website, implementing a new strategy for a high-level, topical lifestyle and fitness blog and the methods to increase traffic, engagement and footfall into the center.
  • Creative Content – Agency 22 created a series of videos and photos for THWC social media platforms and website. We also created blog posts and the entire website and brochure content for THWC’s new look.
  • Influencers – Agency 22 helped THWC align itself with powerful, relevant and high-level businesses, media and influencers to increase its profile.

@thehundredwellness before Agency 22 took over the Instagram handle

hundred IG before.pngIMG_4510.png

@thehundredwellness after Agency took over the Instagram handle


Agency 22 secured media coverage for The Hundred Wellness Center on popular, regional eCommerce platform – aligning the center with a new and exciting audience and a lucrative luxury clientele.

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